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Wow– I wrote an opening comment today to two different people about critiquing and after reading it back I decided it would be appropriate to share. This is my opinion on reading/sharing/critiquing with other folks….

It’s nothing official, just how I approach the subject. Hopefully this approach might be useful or helpful to others..and if not..oh well 🙂 I tried!

I love reading work from other writers as much as I love writing and having people read my work!

As for my review/edits/critique– If I found anything which in my own humble opinion (which by the way is not necessarily “right” but rather just what I am thinking) was grammatically incorrect, perhaps has a missing word or is a bit confusing, I denote this with a comment (in Microsoft Word, using the comment feature, or in a text document I use square brackets to enclose a comment.)

I am by no means a professional writer(at least not yet) , editor, or critic, but I have had a lot of experience in the amateur space. I’ve been a member of a site called for several years where I have given and received tons of critiques on all sorts of work.

I’ve self-published a short story and have experienced the joy of someone loving my work and someone hating my work and someone who is just not sure what to make of my work! All of these experiences have moved me in a common way– in the direction to become a better writer!

One thing I have learned over the years is to be upfront about a review of someone else’s work and to explain what my perspective is when reviewing it. Anything I write about your work should just be taken as a suggestion and everything I write is meant to be in the spirit of being helpful, courteous and in the air of the greater good for all writers I make acquaintance with.

You do not have to take my suggestions of course, but overall I hope whatever I share with you is helpful and received positively!

If for any reason any of my comments or suggestions make you uncomfortable, please do let me know and if you rather I not continue on, please let me know that as well.

Again my aim is to be received positively and be helpful, but we are all humans and critique is not always well received.

So there you have it folks…my personal take on critiquing! 🙂

Keep writing!



It’s been so long since I have devoted time to writing. My main push was in 2012 and I self-published my 1st short story. I had three other serious projects at that time and they have not been getting the attention they deserve. As I was celebrating the this New Year with my family I realized it’s now going on year three since I last committed to writing every day– I was up to 1500 words a day or something like that, but in the past few years nothing. It’s a form of writer’s block potentially, or maybe life-block, or mental block or whatever, it’s a block! Well… not that I lack for ideas and content, but life gets hectic and goals change and time demands different threads to be pulled. I am trying to change that. I want to choose one of my three projects I started in 2012 and finish it to completion to break through whatever the block is (mental, physical, emotional–who knows?). I’m looking at my unfinished works as a series of problems- what’s the best way to move forward? I think it’s to tackle one at a time to completion then work on the next!

Well if any of my writing friends and acquaintances get the chance to read this, don’t hesitate to get back in touch! Drop me a note, comment, tweet, question, poke or whatever cuz…. I’m back baby!


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