Quick Scenes, Sierra Jones- No Better Way To Start The Day

Startled awake from a pleasant dream of a naked Jennifer Lawrence handing her a fruity frozen daiquiri, Sierra snuck her arm out from under the covers and blindly slapped at the nightstand to catch the snooze button on the alarm clock. Sadly, she couldn’t fall back asleep and resume the encounter with Jennifer and the daiquiri.

She lay there for exactly seven minutes until the snooze timer ended and the alarm blared again. Reluctantly, she stumbled out of bed and headed toward the bathroom to take a shower.

Sierra pulled the ends of the knotted drawstring loose on her pajama bottoms, which then slid down the curve of her hips and puddled on the floor around her ankles. Stepping out of the small cotton heap now gathered on the floor, she grabbed the bottom edge of her pajama top and in one swift motion pulled it over her head and shucked it to the floor.

Staring at her naked reflection in the mirror, Sierra mentally compared herself to the stunning image of Jennifer Lawrence from her dream. Sierra’s breasts were larger and her hips a bit curvier, but Jennifer was taller and prettier, and let’s face it, she had a movie deal and Sierra didn’t.

Sierra reached into the shower and turned on the water. Once it was hot enough, she stepped into the shower. Instead of dispelling the comparative thoughts of Ms. Lawrence and all her beauty, she decided to hold the image in her mind as she began lathering herself up. Having this object of beauty before her was a better way to start the day.


Quick Scenes – Sniper

Wyatt crouched down behind the wreckage that was once a car. There were several loud explosions off in the distance but here in the middle of the square it was deathly quiet for an active war zone. A flare of gun fire caught his eye from a sniper four blocks down near one of the explosions. Wyatt lifted his M25 and aimed down the site at the sniper’s head. He held his breath and centered his target in the cross hairs. He was about to squeeze the trigger and suddenly the hair of the back of his neck stood tall as he heard the light crunch of the footstep behind him.

Quick Scenes – a few sentences to inspire the imagination

Sometimes things just pop into my head. “Scenes” if you will. There may be a story there or not. It could just be something that conveys a feeling or a thought, sometimes it inspires a short story or even an epic series yet to be written. That’s how it happens for me. I never know what I am going to get when these random scenes pop up in my head.  I don’t know specifically what triggers them. Many times I don’t write the scenes down and they drift off into the recesses of my brain never to be thought of again. It occurred to me to make this new section of my blog to share them. Perhaps, they will inspire someone besides myself. I hope so. The scenes will mostly be only a few sentences. So please enjoy these very short, quick and sometimes intense scenes. Please feel free to comment on them. Or dare I say, maybe tell me what you believe happened before the scene or what happens next.