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Wyatt crouched down behind the wreckage that was once a car. There were several loud explosions off in the distance but here in the middle of the square it was deathly quiet for an active war zone. A flare of gun fire caught his eye from a sniper four blocks down near one of the explosions. Wyatt lifted his M25 and aimed down the site at the sniper’s head. He held his breath and centered his target in the cross hairs. He was about to squeeze the trigger and suddenly the hair of the back of his neck stood tall as he heard the light crunch of the footstep behind him.


Sometimes things just pop into my head. “Scenes” if you will. There may be a story there or not. It could just be something that conveys a feeling or a thought, sometimes it inspires a short story or even an epic series yet to be written. That’s how it happens for me. I never know what I am going to get when these random scenes pop up in my head.  I don’t know specifically what triggers them. Many times I don’t write the scenes down and they drift off into the recesses of my brain never to be thought of again. It occurred to me to make this new section of my blog to share them. Perhaps, they will inspire someone besides myself. I hope so. The scenes will mostly be only a few sentences. So please enjoy these very short, quick and sometimes intense scenes. Please feel free to comment on them. Or dare I say, maybe tell me what you believe happened before the scene or what happens next.



happy-new-year 2012Happy New Year! Well as 2012 rings in, my personal goal is to continue my quest to make a living (well part time anyway) by writing! I was intrigued by an email that was forwarded to me by a friend for a site that offered “Real Writing Jobs!” – I was pretty excited about it and quickly did a little investigation. I was pretty on board with it at first- after reading the initial welcome message and all, but then the “catch” reared its ugly head. They wanted a membership fee to join their site- just for the opportunity to browse their supposed “assignments” and “jobs.” Of course this immediately set a red flag in my head and after a bit of digging it was easy to see that this was a complete scam.

Since I didn’t want to star the New Year off on a negative note, I continued to do some “google” research to find some legit sites where I could get a bit of a jump start. My initial goal was to finally complete one of my books and  use’s Kindle self-publishing service- but quickly see that is probably more of a intermediate term goal. But still, I am looking to dip my feet in the water and found a few things that actually look promising. So without further ado, here is the list! image

This site allows writers earn some cash by writing articles for other people. There is no registration fee and anyone can qualify. You can select the topics your interested in and decide how many articles you want to write and how often. The site is primarily aimed at creating content for web sites. Anything from product descriptions and reviews to blogging (Wow! imagine getting paid to blog!)


The social networking ability of is pretty neat. Writeswap basically allows writers or people interested in purchasing content to essentially post a classified ad for a piece of work. You can then tweet it or share it on facebook. It’s an interesting take, and while you wont get rich here, it’s a potentially good way to get yourself small writing assignment, a deadline and start you off on the right track.

There are three other site I found that offer more general freelance opportunities. They range from technical jobs like programing and website design to content creation including writing articles, stories, product descriptions, editing and proof reading.

www.freelancer.comimage caters to programmers and designers, but they also offer content writer jobs. The jobs include academic writing, copy editing, eBooks and even article re-writing.

You can also check out and I found that more geared to the technical opportunities (i.e. computer/programming projects), but since my other hobby is anything creative with a computer, I found it very useful as well. also has a very broad range of freelance opportunities, but their writing opportunities include creative writing, content, article, and web content creation, copy editing and general editing.

Now I don’t think for a second that I’m going to get rich or even pay a bill or two utilizing these sites, but I do think that by signing up, browsing the assignments and maybe even completing a few, it will give me the opportunity to feel “published” or at least “accomplished” and above all grant me a little self confidence for the real longer term goal of completing that first novel. The way I see it, you have to start somewhere- and it’s never to late to start!

I hope someone else find’s this information useful. If you do, please let me know- I’d love to hear from you!

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