Introduction to The Soul’s Creed series

Last Battle for Souls is my current work in progress. This is book number two in my three book series The Soul’s Creed about good vs. evil. This series is my biggest project to date.  The inspiration behind this series is to explore the antithesis of “Good conquers evil.” In most good vs evil scenarios, we pretty much know the outcome. That is the good guys will prevail and evil ones will be wiped out and destroyed. That begs the question, “what if good did not prevail?” What would the world be like if the evil guys win? And what if they take over everything!

The Soul’s Creed series revolves around the concept that there is goodness, love and eternal peace in Heaven and there is evil,  hatred, and eternal damnation in Hell and then on Earth there is something in-between. The in-between part rests on the balance of the souls of the dead and their final destination in the afterlife. Some souls will be greeted by angels and go to Heaven while other souls will be captured and consumed by dark shadows and go to Hell. The good or the evil that prevails on Earth is determined by the  number of souls in Heaven and Hell. Over a period in time as more souls are led to Heaven,  mankind is in a general state of  peace, and driven to do acts of kindness. When the balance of souls tips the other way, when more souls are going to Hell then mankind is in a general state of chaos and driven by hatred to war among themselves.

The Soul’s Creed series will be three books.  Book one will cover the events leading up to mankind’s self-destruction and the end of life on Earth. Book two, Last Battle for Souls will cover the aftermath of the destruction and battle between Heaven and Hell for the reclamation of remaining souls on Earth .  Book three covers the re-creation of mankind,  not as children of the Father Almighty but instead children Lucifer, the fallen Angel. The plan for The Soul’s Creed series is to start in the middle with book two, Last Battle for Souls, then go back in time with book one and finishing the series with book three.  (I haven’t decided on the titles for book one and three yet.)

Synopsis for Last Battle for Souls

Last Battle for Souls tells the story of the last day of life on Earth. Mankind has finally done it. The mad men of the world had been waring among themselves for some time. The balance of souls had been in Hell’s favor. As war escalated, nations fell and chaos rained, a few of the maddest men of all time started the end. A terrorist organization invaded Russia and took over the country, as simultaneous cells activated all over the world in coordinated strikes against the strongest nations.

In an aggressive first strike, the group who controlled Russia launched a nuclear strike at the United States. Wave after wave of attack and counter-attack soon escalated into a full-scale thermonuclear war. The Earth that took seven days to make and lived for billions of years was destroyed in a single day by the children of the Father Almighty who created everything. Not a single living thing was left from the nuclear impacts, aftershocks, fallout and subsequent  radiation that permeated every ounce of air, land and sea. This created a condition in the balance of souls that never existed before. Now, there was a finite number of souls remaining. Since no living thing was left on Earth, there was no longer any procreation. The soul well had dried up.

Earth was now a nuclear wasteland. Many of those who died, didn’t know what was coming. The dead’s souls discorporated and now roamed in a state of limbo, between Heaven and Hell. Hence begins the final battle between Heaven and Hell. The Father Almighty sends Michael the Archangel to Earth along with his army of angles to save as many souls as possible and lead them to Heaven’s gate. Lucifer in turn has dispatched his tormentors and shadows to claim as many souls as possible. Thus the stage is set for the ultimate fight, the Last Battle for Souls.

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